Level and Game Designer

Forge Frenzy

Forge Frenzy

Forge Frenzy is a steampunk and viking themed homage to the game Overcooked made by Ghost Town Games. In this fast-paced cooperative video game, four players control the workers of a steampunk forge. As blacksmiths, you must use the broken viking weapons found on the battlefield, re-purpose them, and deliver them back to the battlefield to aid your allies.

Level 1

Forge Franzy First Level Pass.PNG

First Pass

The fist pass of this level was a narrow runway layout with the forge in the foreground.

Players deliver weapons to their allies inside of the forge and the level provides no direction for the players.

Forge Frenzy Level One Final Pass.PNG

Final Pass

The level is now visually split down the middle. Although the level can be fully traversed by all players, the layout suggests the players divide forces and split tasks, which ultimately prepares them for later levels.

The players now deliver the weapons to the army line on the battlefield instead of in the forge to stay consistent with the narrative and game-play concept.

Level 2

First Pass

In the second level the players are split into teams. The steam stuck in the forge has to manage the anvils and can take part in cutting wood, but they are very dependent on the players outside.

The players that are outside tan leather, collect scraps and deliver goods. The delivery process is quite long and tedious with the doors into the forge so far from the battlefield.

Final Pass

In the final pass the team trapped in the forge is responsible for all wood chopping, so that they are not quite so dependent on the other team members.

There are 2 anvils that have also been removed to clear up some space as they were not being used often.

The entire level has been rotated by 180 degrees, this way the players picking up and making deliveries have a less tedious seeming task.

Level 3


In this final level the rolls are even further defined by the level structure.

The players in the forge are now responsible for one weapon type each and split the duties on a third weapon.

Where the players outside are responsible for gathering and processing all weapon material.